About the Wellness Hall of Fame

Liz Terry, CEO & founder

The Wellness Hall of Fame (WellHOF) recognises and celebrates the work of industry pioneers across the entire wellness industry.

It also enshrines their collective wisdom in a central WellHOF library that is accessible by all, to share knowledge across generations and reflect the extraordinary work being undertaken in the wellness industries globally.

The WellHOF library is regularly updated to ensure records are kept current, adding to the rich resource.

WellHOF welcomes contributions, recollections and the sharing of knowledge from industry professionals via its comments pages, which can be found at the foot of every profile.

Comments are curated for permanent inclusion in the Wellness Hall of Fame library, making it powerfully representative.

WellHOF was founded to support the entire wellness community of spa, sport and recreation, health and fitness, exercise science, nutrition, beauty, mental health and self care.

Our chosen logo device is the hexagon, representing the beehive – a powerful symbol of a healthy, energetic, productive, collaborative and functioning community.

Liz Terry
CEO & founder of the Wellness Hall of Fame
[email protected]